Passion for smart solutions throughout the steel chain

  • Quality assurance
  • Time & cost savings
  • Traceability
  • Unique benefits for your customer

With more than 20 years’ experience in IT, and with the backing of dozens of experienced quality managers from the steel supply chain, we are passionate about creating solutions. Our service goes even further, from the initial introduction and creating support within organisations, examining processes and tailor-made demonstrations through to implementation and after care.
 For CAS, professional project organisation, including the proactive integration with your ERP and ICT supplier, is very much standard working practice

Unique processing software for the steel industry

Since 2015, together with our team of developers, we have 100% specialised in material certificates for the steel industry. In close collaboration with leading steel partners, we introduced a certificate processing solution in 2018, that we subsequently configure according to the specific wishes and processes of each customer.   

How did we come up with the idea? We recognised bottlenecks in the processes at steel organisations and felt the need to deliver real impact for our customers. 

  • Organising effective traceability demands a whole series of manual operations.
  • It takes a great deal of time to access, to check and to share certificate information with end users.
  • The role of the certificate is becoming increasingly important, throughout the chain.
  • People are not the best option for storing knowledge of material certificates.
  • Because the release of products is dependent on a time-consuming processes, product lead times are often long.

We create support in your organisation

As specialists in the steel trade and steel fabrication, we understand your business processes in relation to certificates. We know how important it is to not rush a modernisation campaign. It is and remains a critical business process.
Any successful implementation requires support throughout your organisation.
How can you best position this business case in your organisation? How do you bring and keep everyone on board, with the process? Leave it to us!
Our project supervisor will work with you to manage the entire implementation process, from introduction to the organisation and creating support through to testing and live launch and even aftercare. 

We always deliver a perfect solution

We take full 100% responsibility for the implementation process and will never send you from pillar to post. Throughout the implementation process, wherever possible, we work hard to avoid blindly sticking to protocols and scopes cast in stone. Together with you, we always aim for a perfect solution. Together, we guarantee to make your project a success!

Security and cooperation

Together with you we will take up the challenge. Let us build a business case for your organisation. We start by mapping out the current situation in respect of material certificates. The functional design is a key element of the implementation plan, and forms the foundation for the overall process. A proof of concept is an excellent means of offering you the security you need. We maintain excellent contacts with the suppliers of ERP systems. As a result, any glitch or problem can be rapidly solved during the test phase.

Happy workers. Happy customers. Happy you.

Our approach leaves no stone unturned in optimising your certificate management process. Our goal: to make your organisation a well-oiled machine, when it comes to certificate processing. At the end of the day, certificates will no longer be a cause of concern. You will improve your market position and your employees will be able to make better use of their talents. Happy workers. Happy customers.  Happy you. 

Are you ready to meet tomorrow’s demands, today?

The world is changing. And quickly too! 
Make sure you keep pace and modernise your organisation.