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  • Time and Cost saving
  • Traceability
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Our CAS Connect solution is the best-selling basic solution for the processing of material certificates in the steel industry. The recognition software can be combined with all commonly used ERP systems in the steel sector. CAS Connect is suitable for use at every stage of the supply chain: it guarantees improved efficiency for steel manufacturers, steel dealers and fabricators.

How does CAS Connect work?

It’s extremely simple! You choose how the certificates should be delivered, for example by email; You then specify in which application the data should be passed on to the ERP or DMS system. 
CAS Connect extracts the information from the accompanying email and the pdf certificate. That information is then translated into the details and numbers and placed in the appropriate fields in any ERP system. As a result, within the ERP system, there is now a connection for all in-stock products to the original certificate, which gives you direct access to search functions, filters and sorting options.

CAS Connect is self-learning and easy to use

  • Ready to connect to any ERP system
  • Installed in just one day
  • Self - learning & traineble by end user
  • Ready for all types of certificates
  • Recongnizes al chargenumber and even checkt how are relevant
  • Behind every product in the stock the pdf certificate
  • Automatic import of pdf certificates form the mail inbox
  • Links article code to pdf certificates
  • Automates the process of sending certificates to customers

ERP-system standard connector whit CAS Connect

Dxsteel (iFacto) - MKG3 en MKG5 (MKG) - MSoft (Priority)- Easy2Trade (INAD) - Microsoft Dynamics 365 – AX – NAV – Business Central (Pulse, GAC) - Ridder IQ & Bemet (ECI Solutions) - SAP (Delaware) - SAP Business One (Ziebur) - StarLogic - SharePoint and more..

How does CAS Connect work in your organisation?

The basic requirement for using CAS Connect is that a record is made of all batch/heat numbers when goods are received. If that registration works smoothly, the foundations for CAS Connect are already in place. Using that information, CAS Connect can independently:

  • monitor email traffic for incoming certificates
  • search for purchase order numbers in the email or attachments
  • automatically initiate a search for batch or heat numbers and product numbers, and any additional relevant properties received, in the pdf certificate
  • search for a whole variety of additional details relevant to the batch numbers and products numbers, such as chemical properties and mechanical test results
  • standardise, filter, clean up and convert data into a single language and a single number display

How does it work? Your employee inspects the incoming certificate information in the summary display in CAS Connect. The same member of staff can then simply place the pdf certificate ‘on hold’ if for example the delivery has not (yet) been completed, or ‘release’ the product or product batch once the delivery is complete.  The software then sends the pdf certificate plus all accompanying data to your ERP system. 

The final destination

You can still search for stock items in the ERP system in the way you are used to. However, the difference now is that you have access to far more information about the ‘actually measured’ product properties. In addition, every product comes with a unique link to the original pdf certificate. This is particularly useful for example if you want to automatically supply your customer with the relevant original pdf certificates after you have sold the steel. 

The advantages

  • Time saving
    The registration of certificates is now 80% faster, and more information is recorded. You can also fully automate the sharing of certificates with your customers.
  • Increased capacirty
    The maximum processing capacity of certificates in your organisation is increased 17-fold
  • Accurancy
    Registration is now 100% accurate; you have a clear overview and are in control of product information to back up every stock item.
  • Employees satisfaction
    No more repetitive, manual tasks.
  • Efficiency
    You can respond rapidly to customer questions, without wasting time searching for the original pdf certificate.
  • Independence
    You are less dependent on employees who know exactly where which information is stored, in a certificate from a particular manufacturer. 
  • Simplicity
    Anyone can learn to process certificates in CAS Connect in just 30 minutes.

Optional by CAS Connect

These satisfied customers preceded you

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‘At the touch of a single button, CAS enables us to link the certificate to the appropriate sheet material in the system. It saves us a huge amount of time and eliminates the risk of human error. That combination offers our customers the certainty that they will receive the right certificates, with the right product

Omega Thermo Products, specialists in pillow plate production, deal with large numbers of stainless steel sheets every day. To guarantee the quality of their products and to ensure that the right materials are always used, every sheet is linked to a material certificate. This is particularly important because not every material can be used for all temperatures or products. Using the wrong sheet can result in corrosion in the finished product. For these reasons, our customers are particularly critical when it comes to the quality and traceability of the material.

Stigterstaal is a specialist in high-quality sheet material for the martime industry and a customer from the very beginning. CAS Expert extracts the chemical and mechanical information from certificates per batch and sheet number and links it to the stock in Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. Watch the film and be inspired.

This Moerdijk-based wholesaler in quarto plates, with stock in excess of 40,000 tonnes, uses CAS Expert to link the full range of test details according to batch and sheet number, in the modern ERP system dxtsteel, supplied by Ifacto. CAS plays an important role in the innovation programme at this specialist.

ArcelorMittal Project Europe uses CAS not only for recognizing certificate information, but also for purchase invoices. CAS is linked to Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint ECM.

As experts in the field of coils and plates, SAEY are critical when it comes to certificate information. They use CAS Expert to extract a wide variety of steel properties from the certificates, and to then match the certificates to incoming goods and create a link to SAP.  This process enables SAEY to create product specifications in SAP for its customers, on the basis of actually measured steel properties.

The advantages of CAS Connect

  •  Available for certificates from all factories
  • Easy traceability
  • Basic automatic recognition of batches, chemical and mechanical properties
  • Live in one day
  • Linked to your ERP system

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