Advanced digital certificateprocessing for the steel industry 

  • Quality assurance
  • Time and Cost saving
  • Traceability
  • unique advantages for your customer

CAS Expert is the most advanced solution for the recognition of material certificates in the steel industry. CAS Expert is suitable for use at every stage of the supply chain: it guarantees improved efficiency for steel manufacturers, steel dealers and fabricators.

How does CAS Expert work?

Just like CAS Connect, CAS Expert independently goes in search of all relevant batch and product numbers in the certificate, irrespective of steel type, manufacturer, language or layout. However, CAS Expert goes even further. This system is capable of locating all individual tables on pdf certificates containing special details of dimensions or test results relating to chemical and mechanical properties and combining them in a single table. This one new table contains all the information you need about an individual sheet, tube, coil or other product type. All this valuable information is delivered to your ERP system, thereby creating a very extensive search, filter and sorting function. As well as providing you with an automated system for simply sharing original certificates with your clients, you even have the possibility of including all this information in outgoing documents.  From now on, you will work with the actually measured steel properties, instead of general product information. If you then also want to pass these product properties through your own threshold value tests, you can do so simply with the optional module CAS Control 

Use the actual measured sample properties!

  • Suitable for all types of certificates from various manufacturers
  • Find all desired information from grades, standards to detailed chemical elements and mechanical test results.
  • EDI, XML or Webservice? CAS Expert is compatible with all ERP systems.
  • Recognizes all batch numbers but also sees which ones are relevant
  • Automatic import of pdf certificates from e-mail
  • Can independently separate pages in large pdf files
  • Link your own article codes to batch and product numbers
  • Simplifies or automates the process of sending certificates to customers


 ERP-systemen connectors whit CAS Expert

Dxsteel (ifacto) - MKG3 en MKG5 (MKG) - MSoft (Priority)- Easy2Trade (INAD) - Microsoft Dynamics 365 – AX – NAV – Business Central (Pulse, GAC) - Ridder IQ & Bemet (ECI Solutions) - SAP (Delaware) - SAP Business One (Zeibur) - StarLogic - SharePoint and more...

How does CAS Expert work in your organisation?

The fact that the three best document recognition algorithms in the world have been combined in a single software application makes it possible to retrieve the maximum information from a manufacturer’s certificate. To ensure optimum continuity and global support, CAS has been built in collaboration with a number of software multinationals

By connecting CAS Expert direct to your email inbox, it will automatically capture all incoming certificates. CAS Expert first independently sorts all pdf certificates and groups them together by manufacturer. Every manufacturer has their own (unique) method of recording information. Following sorting, the pdf certificates are passed on to the CAS Factory Connectors for thorough analysis and information recognition. Thanks to these CAS Factory Connectors , the software knows precisely where to find all the relevant information, and how it should be translated. After careful validation, the Factory Connectors pass on the information to the CAS Output Connector. This Connector is responsible for sending the data to the final destination, your ERP system or a quality control system like CAS Control.

CAS Expert is able to independently:

  • monitor you email inbox (or folders) for incoming certificates
  • initiate a search for purchase order numbers and project numbers in the email or attachments
  • separate pages if one or more certificates are integrated in a large pdf file
  • initiate a search for qualities, standards, batch/heat numbers and product numbers
  • locate and link tables with dimensions, chemical and mechanical test results to product numbers
  • standardise, filter, clean up and convert data/numbers into a single uniform language, and a single number display. No matter where in the world the certificate originates and/or which language is used on the pdf.
  • adapt (uniform) data and original pdf certificates for your ERP system, with your article definitions
  • pass on data and original pdf certificates to CAS Control for a so-called threshold values check, before you release the steel within your organisation.
  • as required, operate fully autonomously


Although the quality of certificates is constantly improving, scanned - sometimes barely legible - versions are still in circulation. CAS Expert uses the very latest recognition software, and achieves the highest possible results, also for scanned pdf certificates.  CAS identifies which steel products have actually been delivered. It then passes on only these product lines to the ERP system, with relevant information. CAS Expert is also capable of independently conducting the validation and only requesting support if information is missing.

The final destination

The original pdf certificate with the accompanying information can be transmitted directly to your ERP system, a Document Management System and/or a quality control system like CAS Control. With all these possibilities, you have access to far more information about the ‘actually measured product properties’. In addition, every product comes with a unique link to the original pdf certificate. This is particularly useful for example if you automatically want to supply your customer with the relevant original pdf certificates after you have sold the material. 

The advantages

  • Time savings.
    The registration of certificates is now 80% faster, and more information is recorded. You can also fully automate the sharing of certificates with your customers.
  • Increased capacity.
    The maximum processing capacity of certificates in your organisation is increased 17-fold.
  • Accuracy.
    Registration is now 100% accurate; you have a clear overview and are in control of product information to back up every stock item.
  • Efficiency
    You can respond rapidly to customer questions, without wasting time searching for the original pdf certificate.
  • Independence.
    You are less dependent on employees who know exactly where which information is stored, in a certificate from a particular manufacturer. 
  • Simplicity.
    Anyone can learn to process certificates in CAS Connect in just 30 minutes.


Optional whit CAS Expert

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Advanced CAS Expert

  • Suitable for certificates from all millfactories
  • Certificate traceability from ther first moment
  • Unlimited automatic recognition of certificate infromation
  • Connect to your ERP system

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