Automated threshold value checks

  • Quality assurance
  • Time and Cost saving
  • Traceability
  • unique advantages for your customer


CAS Control is an optional module specially designed for steel fabricators, that can be linked to CAS Connect or CAS Expert. In addition to advanced recognition of certificate information, the software also actively conducts automated threshold value checks. The system itself issues a notice if the values in standards deviate from the project requirements.

How does CAS Control work?


If you are interested in checking for yourself whether the measured steel properties satisfy your requirements or those of your client, and you then wish to formally record the outcomes of this check in a document, report or certificate, to be shared with your customer, look no further than the automated CAS Control system!

If you already use CAS Connect or Expert, this software can pass on the certificate details to the CAS Control Module. The threshold values you wish to apply can be submitted in a variety of different ways, for example via Excel, in a database or via manual input in CAS Control. 

Autonomy. All your certificate data will be automatically passed on to CAS Control. Once it has received these data, CAS Control assesses the chemical and mechanical properties of each heat / batch and product number, according to the preset threshold values, linked for example to a project number, quality requirement or standard. CAS Control will also check the data from your ERP system. If the control results remain within the preset margins, CAS Control will compile and deliver a report. If the values exceed the margins, a notice will be issued (for example via email) and a workflow task will be initiated to conduct a further investigation. Once your construction is completed, at a single push of a button, all original pdf certificates and control reports will be prepared and presented to the customer. 

ERP-system standard connector whit CAS Connect

Dxsteel (iFacto) - MKG3 en MKG5 (MKG) - MSoft (Priority)- Easy2Trade (INAD) - Microsoft Dynamics 365 – AX – NAV – Business Central (Pulse, GAC) - Ridder IQ & Bemet (ECI Solutions) - SAP (Delaware) - SAP Business One (Ziebur) - StarLogic - SharePoint and more..

Required at CAS Control


The advantages of the CAS Control Module

  • Optional/ modular suitability for CAS Connect/ CAS Expert
  • Automatically checks limit values
  • Automatic calculation of equivalents
  • Suitable for limit values of standards and/or projects
  • Creates control copies/ proof of quality control
  • Simple creation of data book per project
  • Control of users through workflow processes

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