Proces puchase -and goods invoices efficiently in the steel industry

  • Quality assurance
  • Time and Cost saving
  • Traceability
  • unique advantages for your customer


CAS Invoice, a unique system specially developed for the steel industry, automatically recognises all details on purchase invoices and goods invoices. Once recognition is completed, your staff can carry out a follow-up check. Once the invoice is approved, the system passes on the documents to the financial system. Steel properties such as ‘per kg’ or other units are automatically correctly processed in all your systems.

How does CAS Invoice work?

You select the import route for your invoices (for example input via email) and the application to which the documents and data are to be sent (output, such as the financial system). 
Once CAS Invoice has been fully installed and configured, the software system automatically recognises all information from incoming invoices.  Your employee can check the information, and mark the processing of the invoices as definitive. Following approval, the invoices are correctly entered in your financial system.

The benefits of CAS Invoice

Specialized in processing complex purchase invoices (goods) and cost invoices in the steel industry.Linked to your financial system Simple and intuitive to useCustom configured

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