Certficate software, devolped for and by the steel industry.

  • Quality assurance
  • Time and Cost saving
  • Traceability
  • unique advantages for your customer

100% traceability of steel

Certificate processing is crucial in the steel industry. The manual registration of incoming product certificates and matching them to delivered baches of steel is a time-consuming process. We offer unique solutions for the registration of your steel certificates at batch or product level, to ensure that you can always find the appropriate certificate.  You can also automatically supply the certificate to your customer. In other words, CAS guarantees 100% traceability, while reducing the administrative burden by 90%.

Value of CAS software

1.    Cut the time you need for processing certificates by 90%
2.    Save 65% on the costs of certificate processing and material tracing.
3.    Increase effectiveness and quality control by 80%
4.    Expand your maximum certificate processing capacity by 17x
5.    ROI (Return on Investment) for CAS software < 15 months. (Scalable solution with no major investment)

Digitalise your steel certificates: save 80% on QC!

Checking articles and completing the accompanying material information is a real challenge for many steel organisations. CAS is an automated tool to help you check your deliveries, according to preset requirements such as purchase specifications, standards, and your customer’s wishes.
Following release, all available certificate information is added to the article file in your ERP system. In this way, CAS delivers an 80% improvement in the effectiveness of your quality control process! And that leaves your organisation with more time to deal with more complex issues.

CAS gives you more space to grow!

CAS helps your steel company achieve a major step forwards in terms of efficiency and professionalisation. The focus at your organisation can shift from checking certificates to the more complex aspects of the certificate registration process. That means:

  • Improved quality assurance for steel products.
  • Better overview and management of suppliers.
  • Rapid and adequate access to the relevant certificate information, including pdf.
  • Excellent audits and inspections. 

Become a professional steel organisation with excellent customer satisfaction ratings and space for further growth.

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Implementation in 4 steps

After getting acquainted and creating a business case with support within the organization, the implementation process of the CAS software looks like this:

  1. Customer certificate demo. A test with your certificates.
  2. Design functional & technical. We make a functional & technical design (description of the work process).
  3. Proof of concept. We test the software in production environment.
  4. Production. After a successful proof of concept, the software goes live in production.

During the implementation we do not avoid challenges, we do not send you from pillar to post. After implementation, our excellent customer service will help you further.

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‘At the touch of a single button, CAS enables us to link the certificate to the appropriate sheet material in the system. It saves us a huge amount of time and eliminates the risk of human error. That combination offers our customers the certainty that they will receive the right certificates, with the right product

Omega Thermo Products, specialists in pillow plate production, deal with large numbers of stainless steel sheets every day. To guarantee the quality of their products and to ensure that the right materials are always used, every sheet is linked to a material certificate. This is particularly important because not every material can be used for all temperatures or products. Using the wrong sheet can result in corrosion in the finished product. For these reasons, our customers are particularly critical when it comes to the quality and traceability of the material.

Stigterstaal is a specialist in high-quality sheet material for the martime industry and a customer from the very beginning. CAS Expert extracts the chemical and mechanical information from certificates per batch and sheet number and links it to the stock in Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. Watch the film and be inspired.