Immediate digital access to the actual steel properties and full Traceability

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CAS gives you total control of your certificates

Our software processes all information from material certificates, and automatically compares these details against adjustable threshold values. Certificate information is only released following a careful check of the threshold values. Subsequently, the actual properties of purchased batches are processed in the ERP system - giving you immediate digital access and searchability. An automated certificate registration process improves the quality assurance and traceability of materials.  You enhance your stock control, have better management of your suppliers and save costs. 

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‘At the touch of a single button, CAS enables us to link the certificate to the appropriate sheet material in the system. It saves us a huge amount of time and eliminates the risk of human error. That combination offers our customers the certainty that they will receive the right certificates, with the right product

Omega Thermo Products, specialists in pillow plate production, deal with large numbers of stainless steel sheets every day. To guarantee the quality of their products and to ensure that the right materials are always used, every sheet is linked to a material certificate. This is particularly important because not every material can be used for all temperatures or products. Using the wrong sheet can result in corrosion in the finished product. For these reasons, our customers are particularly critical when it comes to the quality and traceability of the material.

Stigterstaal is a specialist in high-quality sheet material for the martime industry and a customer from the very beginning. CAS Expert extracts the chemical and mechanical information from certificates per batch and sheet number and links it to the stock in Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. Watch the film and be inspired.

This Moerdijk-based wholesaler in quarto plates, with stock in excess of 40,000 tonnes, uses CAS Expert to link the full range of test details according to batch and sheet number, in the modern ERP system dxtsteel, supplied by Ifacto. CAS plays an important role in the innovation programme at this specialist.

ArcelorMittal Project Europe uses CAS not only for recognizing certificate information, but also for purchase invoices. CAS is linked to Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint ECM.

As experts in the field of coils and plates, SAEY are critical when it comes to certificate information. They use CAS Expert to extract a wide variety of steel properties from the certificates, and to then match the certificates to incoming goods and create a link to SAP.  This process enables SAEY to create product specifications in SAP for its customers, on the basis of actually measured steel properties.

Solution for and by the steel industry

CAS stands for Certificate Analysis Software.  Our purpose is to help businesses process, inspect and manage steel certificates.  We provide our services by bringing together our years of experience with recognition technology from multinationals, high-end software and cooperation with leading experts in a single company. Rest assured in the knowledge that CAS certificate processing software is developed 100% for and by the steel industry!
For us, simply selling a solution is not enough. Since our company was founded in 2015, we have continued to move forwards, where others stopped. As well as supplying software, we also constantly work to generate support within the customer organisation, develop business cases and conduct technical and functional inventories. 

Why CAS?

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