"With CAS, we can produce a lot faster ánd with fewer problems."

Maarten Kimmel - Managing Director

This company is all about Pillow Plates. Pillow plates are heat exchanger panels that can be used in a variety of applications for the heating or cooling of industrial products. Omega manufactures tank walls, tank floors, cooling panels and complete heat exchangers. Based on their belief in the advantages offered by their products, they always come up with a solution for heating or cooling their customer’s products.

For Omega Thermo Products, digitalisation is of key importance. “By digitalising our processes, we can increase the traceability of everything we do, as well as having access to more data. That in turn enables us to intervene more quickly if something goes wrong, and we have a greater insight into our day-to-day processes. And that means more focus in our work,” explained Tristan Zieverink, ICT & QSHE Manager.

In Tristan’s words, “The overall goal is to improve our service to our customers. We want to be able to provide them with as much data as possible, including the material certificate number and the manufacturing details. And preferably, as quickly as possible.”



“The overall goal is to improve our service to our customers. We want to be able to provide them with as much data as possible, including the material certificate number and the manufacturing details. And preferably, as quickly as possible.” Linking products to material certificates was originally a manual process, that not only took a great deal of time, but was also susceptible to human error. That is why we have switched to CAS; an innovative software package that digitalises the process of linking materials and certificates.”


Staying one step ahead of the competition and making optimum use of digitalisation often presents Omega Thermo Products with interesting challenges. On this occasion, how best to link the material certificates to the stainless steel sheets. The material certificates determine whether or not the material satisfies the requirements. For our customers, too, the matching process offers an added quality check,” explained Tristan. “Some materials for example cannot be used in the pharmaceutical industry. By consulting the certificate, we know exactly which materials should be used for which customer.”

In the past, the process of linking material certificates was carried out manually; a time-consuming task, that was also susceptible to human error. A typing mistake is easily made. “The material certificate was delivered to the quality service. They then checked for a match with the material recorded in MKG (our ERP system). Only once the batch number matched the number on the certificate could the quality service create the link.”


A customised software application from CAS turned out to be the perfect solution for Omega Thermo Products. Tristan talked about what happens in the new situation. “As soon as the material certificate reaches our mailbox, CAS exports it to the application. It is then the application that immediately retrieves all the details of the stainless steel sheet from the ERP system MKG. If the batch number matches, the sheet is automatically linked to the certificate.” Managing Director Maarten Kimmel added, “So far, all the results have been entirely satisfactory.”


“Thanks to CAS we are 100% certain that the right certificate is linked to the right sheet,” explained Maarten. “If no match is identified we receive a warning, and one of our employees is instructed to investigate.” The system means that Omega Thermo Products is guaranteed error-free links while processing takes up far less time. As a result, they can always answer even the most critical questions from their customers.

Maarten concluded,
“All in all positive developments and prospects with CAS!”


Cooperation started when CAS approached Omega Thermo Products to tell them all about the customised software applications they could produce for organisations that work with large numbers of material certificates. “We of course asked other suppliers about their experiences before we took the plunge,” explained Maarten, “but what CAS has to offer is absolutely unique. Especially because the software they supply is self-learning!’

They soon recognised that CAS was the system they needed, and from day one, the cooperation has been smooth. “I am in regular contact with Bastiaan, one of the founders of CAS. He is always quick to reply, and they have an excellent development team on standby,” continued Tristan.

The Future

For the future, too, both Tristan and Maarten have identified other opportunities for cooperation between Omega Thermo Products and CAS. “We are already working to further expand the existing process,” explained Tristan. “At present, the system is still in the learning stage and we carry out manual checks. In the future, that will no longer be necessary and CAS will operate fully automatically.”

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